The Risks and Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

The Japanese practice of healing known as Shiatsu utilizes touch to activate Meridian points in the body. These points allow qi (energy) flowing effortlessly throughout the body. Shiatsu massage assists in releasing toxic substances from your body. It also improves hormone function. In addition, shiatsu massage is painless and gentle. In spite of its obscure origins, shiatsu massage is practiced for more than four thousand years.


The people who have experienced shiatsu massages are less likely suffer from high blood pressure, heart diseases, or any other ailments. The techniques of massage trigger the parasympathetic nervous system that releases neurotransmitters that improve the body's functions. The massage also increases circulation and produces natural killer cells that are your body's protection against viruses. Japanese scientists have also shown that massage with Shiatsu can help aid in preventing heart disease as well as increase the oxygenation of blood. But if you're still skeptical about shiatsu's benefits, keep reading!

The shiatsu massage technique is a technique that originated in Japan. The technique relies on the pressure of fingers on specific acupressure points to stabilize and control the body's energy. This type of massage regulates energy flow and promotes self healing. Shiatsu massage techniques help relieve tension in the body and mind and enhance the body's natural healing capabilities. Shiatsu massages are renowned for their ability to induce peace and well-being.

Side effects

Shiatsu massage can have side adverse effects, despite its many advantages. Certain people may experience tingling discomfort, or swelling around specific pressure areas. Women who are pregnant are advised to avoid specific points during the massage, because pressure could cause the miscarry. The massage may result in bruises or swelling in those with low blood circulation. Before you undergo a Shiatsu Massage, it is important to consult your healthcare provider.

An investigation compared the benefits of Shiatsu and Acupressure on patients with cancer. Both practices resulted in higher levels of serotonin. This hormone is that is known to make individuals feel more relaxed and focused. Shiatsu additionally increases dopamine levels that is linked to increased energy and performance. Shiatsu is a non-invasive treatment that improves sleep and helps reduce anxiety, is an excellent therapy. Approximately one in five adults across the United States has a sleep disorder. So shiatsu can help people have the sleep they want.


Although there are no risks with shiatsu massage There are still risks to it, too. This is only the case for massagers of poor quality or when the device is used in an inappropriate manner. Shiatsu massage is an excellent option for both safety and health. Below are the potential dangers that shiatsu massage could pose. They include: -

Shiatsu is not recommended to those suffering from medical issues. While it might seem like a random choice, Shiatsu is often used for treating musculoskeletal disorders as well as psychological issues. It has been proven to be effective in a wide range of conditions such as cancer-related side effects, persistent stress in the shoulder, bowel and shoulder pains as well as digestive problems and chronic stress. Shiatsu's positive effects Shiatsu have the potential to impact a patient's overall health and their diet in addition to their perception of their own body and body and.


Shiatsu massage dates back to ancient Japan in the time of monks who traveled to China for study of Buddhism and traditional Chinese medical practices. They studied the five elements as well as their interplay with the various phases of the human body. The five elements are the yin and Yang, fire, water, wood earth, metal, and fire. These monks combined their study of Japanese massage techniques and a Shiatsu therapy technique.

Massage was not permitted to be practised in the Edo period. However, Emperors permitted blinds to use massage. Massage evolved to what is now known as. In the early 1300s, famous people such as Todo Yoshimasu and Nakamura released treatises on the benefits of massage, that later became called Amna. The benefits of massage were discussed in these works, which included improving the organ function and circulation as well as increasing the capacity of the body to rid itself of toxins.


Aside from the relaxation of your muscles and replenishing the body's vitality, Shiatsu massage is also good for your mental health. Shiatsu massage is an ancient method of massage that is based on the use of delicate pressure. It's based on the philosophy that energy may be transferred to another body part for healing or energizing goals. The therapists of Shiatsu apply gentle pressure to meridians in the body to increase the flow of blood. Prior to a massage, the therapist might apply acupressure on particular areas of the body to identify which parts are weak or too stimulated.

Shiatsu is a great technique to relieve muscle tension and improve blood flow. It is also believed to improve blood flow. University of Alberta has found that Shiatsu is a highly effective treatment for people suffering from concussions. It can also help individuals relax, improve sleep, reduce the stress hormone cortisol, as well as boost the brain's chemical serotonin as well as dopamine. Shiatsu can also be beneficial to the skin. Shiatsu is a great way to keep skin healthy because it influences the capillaries.

Treatment Options

There are numerous advantages to Shiatsu massage. It can improve your energy levels as well as boost the hormonal, circulatory and lymphatic system. 서울출장안마 Additionally, it has been used to treat many common health conditions, including joint pain, sciatica back pain, neck strains, and pain. You can use it to help treat sinusitis and blocked passageways. However, it should be noted that shiatsu massage is not recommended for those with certain medical issues.

The Japanese practice of shiatsu involves pressing the fingers against specific areas of the body in slow, rhythmic motions. It helps to restore itself by stabilizing the energies. In addition to promoting overall well-being and healing, Shiatsu massage can be a relaxing experience. After every session, people report feeling more relaxed. Shiatsu massage treatments are plentiful. If you're interested in knowing more about its advantages, here are a few Shiatsu treatments to take into consideration:

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